Animal Dropping In Attic

Damaged homes that are in dire need of home repair, can lead you to more than just home repairs.

The picture above is showing large animal droppings in the corner of the attic and would have been hard to remove but the siding and roofing on this home has also been damaged by moisture from a roof leak and needed to be removed and replaced.

Otherwise this animal feces could have been up in the attic for quite a few years. It's hard to imagine how much more of the animals poop is throughout the entire attic.

As a home repair specialists, I see this all the time. Most of the time it's from rats and mice and maybe a few birds but as you can see this is from a larger animal.

There is a very good chance that this animal was a raccoon. The larger the animal, the larger the hole they will need to enter your attic, from the outside.

Home Repair Tip: Examine the exterior of your home and this would include the roofing, fireplace chimney and exterior walls for any large or small holes.

If any holes are found, you can use a metal screening to place over the holes, to prevent animals and insects from going inside your attic, walls or ceilings, until repairs can be made properly.