Insulation Blocking Attic Vents

I've noticed and colder climates, people are starting to block their attic and crawlspace vents to prevent excessive moisture in these areas from accumulating.

Living on the West Coast of the United States, moisture is a problem in unventilated areas. In colder climates, moisture seems to be a bigger problem with leaving the vents open.

I'm not a big fan of sealing off a crawlspace or an attic. I believe these areas need ventilation to prevent mold and mildew, dry rot and stale air. Check with a local contractor in your area for some better advice, if you're experiencing moisture problems in your crawlspace or attic.

The picture above, shows the end of the house with a gable vent installed in it. Large gable vents like this placed on each side of the home will provide plenty of ventilation in your attic.

You can also use roof dormer pants to provide additional ventilation if necessary.