Old Electrical Wiring

This electrical wiring is referred to as "knob and tube wiring" and can be dangerous. This wiring is no longer used because of safety issues. If you laid a piece of metal or your arm across two of these wires, you could get electrocuted quite easily.

Usually these wires are bare and have no protective coating around them.

What can you do to solve a situation like this? The rest of the home is wired like this and would need to be rewired by a professional and I would not suggest for anyone without experience to tackle a project like this home repair.

Home Repair Tip: This type of wiring is becoming a thing of the past as more homes remove the knob and tube wiring and replace it with new electrical wires. If finances do not allow this home repair to be made as soon as possible, try to avoid any areas where the electrical wires are exposed like the attic.