Stepping On Ceiling Plaster

Here is the classic hole in the ceiling because someone was walking on the drywall instead of the framing members in the attic. The drywall can't hold very much weight and is not design to walk on, in a situation like this. Someone stepping through the ceiling, while moving things around in the attic is pretty common and these home repairs will continue to keep contractor's busy for years.

Home Repair Tip: In a situation like this, where the drywall is severely damaged, the damaged section should be cut away and removed. After the damaged piece has been removed, install the new drywall and finish the repair. It's never a good idea to reuse drywall that is badly damaged.

In the picture above, we can't see any ceiling joist and the insulation will need to be moved out of our way to expose the ceiling joist, to safely walk through the attic. This is a good example of an accident waiting to happen. Someone without construction experience could easily assume that the insulation is solid and safe to walk on.

This attic hasn't been used in years and I would imagine, this is the first picture of the attic to ever be taken. You can never assume, when it comes to safety that every one thinks the way you do or that couldn't happen, I wouldn't worry about it.