TV Antenna In Attic

It's really not that uncommon to find a television antenna inside of your attic.

Trust me, I've seen more than one of them, but they are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

As more and more cable television stations become popular, the need for television antennas will shortly become obsolete.

You're probably wondering why someone would put a TV antenna inside of an attic?

Some people truly don't like the site of a large TV antennas blocking their views.

Some homeowners associations won't even allow you to install an antenna outside of your home and your only other option would be to install it in your attic.

Home Repair Tip: If you need to remove a television antenna that's inside of your attic or even on top of your roof, there shouldn't be any high voltage electrical wires hooked up to them.

Usually the only wiring that will be hooked up to a TV antenna, would be used for carrying down to the television signal and this wouldn't have any electricity running through it.