Attic Framing Water Stains

Whenever you enter and attic, whether you're looking for something or bringing down your Christmas decorations, you should always give the roof a quick inspection.

Sometimes you can have a water leak like this one and it will do very little damage, in the beginning. Only later to find out that you have a massive termite problem or ant infestation, further down the road.

Most water stains aren't hard to find, you're going to be looking for any discoloring in the lumber and plywood. Most of the time, you will spot water leaks from the ceiling, in the living area of the home.

This is when it's too late and now some of the building is going to require your attention. Home repairs are going to be necessary.

Most of these attic stains on the lumber will be caused from damaged roofing. In the picture above, the problem is probably the metal flashing, if there is any at all on the home.

When you find the stained wood, simply make a note of where the problem could be coming from and then start inspecting the roofing in the area located above the water stain.

If you don't notice any easy to find irregularities, holes or roof damage, I would suggest that you contact a professional, because these problems can be hard to find and repair.