Bow In Basement Wall

The bow in this basement wall shows signs of severe damage and will need to be replaced. If your home has this problem, I would contact a structural engineer or a reputable building contractor in your area who has experience with basement wall damage.

Damage like this could result in the home collapsing eventually. If the basement walls are holding up the rest of the home or most of it, what do you think will happen when these walls come crashing down in the basement.

Basement wall bowing is a serious problem.

The basement wall bow is usually caused from the soil on the exterior of the wall pushing against it. The pressure applied to this wall over many years can create a problem like this, if the wall wasn't built properly.

Most modern day basements that where design by a structural engineer are usually overbuilt and over designed. Preventing the walls or even moving at all. These problems exist more frequently in older homes, where the home builder was unaware of problems like this.

Now for the really bad news, if your basement walls are bowing, this could become extremely costly to repair and should be handled by a professional.

Home Repair Tip: Ask your neighbors if they are house is suffering from the same problem and may be one of them has already contacted a professional and had their basement walls repaired. If not, maybe your neighbor is unaware of the problems and you could help to prevent their home from being damaged if the basement wall did fail.