Large Crack In Floor

Large cracks in your basement floor can create a couple of problems. A cracked this size in your basement floor tells you that there has been excessive movement in the ground.

Whenever you see a crack this large on the floor, make sure that you inspect the walls for similar sized cracks.

Large cracks in your wall will be a bigger problem than those on the floors. The walls are holding back the soil and these large cracks will weaken the structural strength of the wall.

This could eventually lead to the walls collapsing into the basement and once this happened, you can bet that there will be additional damage to the rest of the home. The basement walls are usually holding up the rest of the home..

These cracks can be repaired but in a basement, it will be difficult to keep water from leaking through them, even after they are repaired. I'm not saying it's impossible but over time you could find yourself with more repair work.

Now for another problem, that a crack this size can have on your basement. As the water table rises or water from rain and snow starts to seep into the soil, it will also start to work its way into your basement.

Large cracks in your basement like these will allow more water in than smaller cracks.

Home Repair Tip: Large cracks like this should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent possible damage to the rest of the home.