Stairwell Basement Mold

Whenever you see mold in your stairwell leading to your basement, you have a moisture problem in the basement. Most of the time, this moisture will be coming through the basement walls and will be noticeable as the stains become larger over time.

Mold can create health problems and should be removed as soon as possible. Most basements are dark and damp and these provide ideal growing conditions for molds, fungus and mildew's.

The biggest problem here is how to contain the moisture or keep it from entering the basement. There's quite a few ways but in order to do it correctly, the exterior basement walls will need to be repaired and this will require removing the exterior soil around the perimeter of the basement, installing a drainage system and waterproofing the basement walls.

Homeowners for years have painted the interior basement walls with waterproofing paints, hoping for some relief but in fact this method ends up trapping moisture inside of the basement wall. This moisture over time can cause the concrete wall to deteriorate.

Now once the wall is starting to deteriorate, your home repair costs just went through the roof. Now you will need to remove the soil surrounding the basement, remove and replace the basement wall, install the proper drainage system and backfill this area correctly.

Home Repair Tip: Painting and waterproofing the inside of your basement walls is only a temporary fix and these temporary fixes over the years could lead to a catastrophe. If your basement walls were to deteriorate, this could create a structural and building safety problem. Your house could actually collapse if the basement walls were to deteriorate and weaken.

Just because a building product manufacturer give you directions and a lifetime guarantee, doesn't mean this company will be in business long enough to warrant your guarantee if their products are misused or can't meet their obligations.