Sump Pump Damage

Sump pump damage is not uncommon in a basement. If your home has a basement, I would imagine that you have had to replace the sump pump if water accumulates on a regular basis, at least once every 10 years.

Keep this in mind, they sump pump is only going to be turned on or used if water drains into a basement. Newer basements are designed better than the older ones, to keep water out.

Like everything else, the more homes that are built, the more damage and repairs will be done, giving us an education the tools necessary to build efficient basements and improve our waterproofing skills.

As you can see in the picture above, there's plenty of water around the sump pump, so that tells us that the floor is sloping towards the sump pump, providing the water to flow into the pump area properly.

If the floor was level, water would be standing in pools around the basement as it leaked its way in through the walls.

Why isn't this sump pump operating properly? This pump had become damaged through years of use and simply needed to be replaced.

Home Tip: This sump pump isn't located in a good area. As you notice, anyone walking down the stairs could easily trip on the plumbing and electrical that sticking up from the pump area.

Rarely do you run into a situation like this, where the sump pump is located in a high-traffic area.Most sump pumps are located in the corner of the basement, away from heavy traffic.