Hard Water Deposits In Toilet

Most toilets can be cleaned using chemical solvents that can be purchased from most grocery stores or home improvement centers. Hard water deposits can usually be removed using lime away, which is a product that removes rust, lime and calcium deposits.

There are other chemical cleaners that work just as well if not better and these toilets can be cleaned to look like a brand-new toilet, sometimes and sometimes even better but sometimes not so good. You get the point.

Home Repair Tip: I have used harsh chemicals like murratic acid before to clean toilets with severe stains or hard water deposits. If this product is used often for cleaning your toilets, it will eventually start to remove the finish on the toilet and the toilet would eventually need to be replaced.

Make sure that you read the directions on the container and only use it in a well ventilated areas with rubber gloves. Murratic acid is used for maintaining swimming pool water. And can be found at most swimming pool supply stores.