Mold Growing In Grout

Whenever you see mold, remind yourself that there's moisture somewhere. It's not uncommon to find mold growing in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry area. Where ever there is water, you have the possibility of toxic mold.

Home Repair Tip: Clean the grout with bleach or other chemical mold removing cleansers. This will remove, most of the mold and over time with proper cleaning, you could control the mold growth or eliminate it completely.

Make sure that you follow the directions when using chemical cleaners.

The Orange or yellow looking stuff on the tile grout might be hard water deposits and would require a different cleanser. Hard water deposits can be harder to clean and remove than mold.

Special Note: Some chemical cleaners harsh or abrasive and can damage your grout or tile. Make sure that you only use chemical cleaning products that aren't going to damage the stuff you're cleaning. Always read the instructions on the chemical cleaning product for proper usage and instructions.