Bottom Of Wall Damaged From Water

It's not uncommon to see the bottom of your walls damaged from water, especially if the floors is wet. Worse yet if there is a lot of water on the floor, it can actually soak into the plaster or drywall and create more problems for you in the future.

You can see in the picture above, there is still water on the concrete floor slab and if you look close enough at the wall, you will notice light orange or light brown marks that are working their way up the wall.

Here's the big problem once a wall starts to absorb water. It can actually pull the water up, unbelievable heights, as it leaves the potential for mold to grow on both sides of the drywall or plaster.

I have seen moisture work its way up over 3 feet from the floor in plaster and drywall. I have even seen this happen in stucco. If you want to prevent this from ever happening, make sure that your floor never gets wet.

Well, that was a no-brainer but seriously, any moisture on your floor should be cleaned up as soon as possible to prevent damage like this from ever happening.

Home Repair Tip: How do we repair something like this once it happens. There's very little you can do about what happens on the other side of the drywall or plaster.

Once mold starts growing in these areas, the plaster or drywall will need to be removed and replaced.

If you're not interested in repairing or replacing your wallboard, make sure that you clean up any water to prevent the bottom area of your walls from becoming damaged.