Wrong Attic Insulation

You've heard the old saying," Sometimes, something is better than nothing." Well, I would imagine this saying applies in a situation like this. It would always be better to have some attic insulation instead of no attic insulation.

You can clearly see the number three on the attic insulation. This represents the thickness of this particular type of insulation. Usually 3 inch insulation would be used for 3 1/2 inch wide walls and not in an attic, were you have plenty of room to install thicker insulation.

Using the wrong type of attic insulation isn't going to create a big problem for your home. However, the thicker the attic insulation actually is, the more effective that it will be in controlling the heat and cooling loss from the home.

Home Repair Tip: You can leave the existing three-inch attic insulation in a case like this and add additional insulation to it. Just make sure that you use an un faced insulation otherwise you could have a moisture problem between the two moisture barriers.

In other words only purchased insulation that doesn't have any paper or other type of barrier attached to the insulation itself. The insulation that you're going to be installing in a situation like this won't have anything attached to it.

I would recommend installing the sickest attic insulation that you can possibly afford. Eventually you will get a return on your investment as your heating and cooling costs start to minimize.