Cabinet Stain From Mopping

These cabinets are suffering from years of abuse and poor maintenance. The original stained finish hasn't been taken care of properly for quite some time. If you look closely, you can see paint that has been splashed on the kitchen cabinet, which could have been eliminated, using a small paint tarp to cover the cabinet, while painting.

If you look at the bottom of the cabinet, you will notice that it's discolored, this is usually caused from splashing water on to the cabinet, while mopping the floor. However, there could be other causes for the cabinet staining. For example: If there was any moisture on the floor that could have absorbed into the wood at the bottom, this could have caused the staining, also.

The moisture would eventually work its way up the side of the wood cabinet and this process is called wicking. I have personally seen products like wood, stucco and drywall can actually pull moisture from the floor up as high as 3 feet. It sounds hard to believe, because you're used to moisture working its way down, instead of up.

I'll cabinets need to be cleaned regularly with the proper cleaning solutions and some wood cabinet finishes need to be oiled on a regular basis.

Cabinet Cleaning Tip: Don't clean wood cabinets with water. Make sure that you read the manufacturers instructions for cleaning your cabinets. Some manufacturers specify certain types of cleaning products. If you ever have a problem with your cabinets, while using their recommended cleaning products, there is a good chance that you can contact the manufacturer, to see if there is anything they can do to, help you solve your problem.