Rusted Cabinet Door Hinge

Whenever you see rusted cabinet door hinges, there's a good chance that there's a moisture problem, somewhere in the kitchen. I would recommend that you find the moisture problem, first, and then replace the cabinet hinges.

I wouldn't recommend replacing the rusted hinges, in a situation like this, I would recommend replacing the kitchen cabinets, themselves. If you look closely at the picture above, you will notice that someone painted the inside of the cabinets, whether they were painted at the place they were originally built, or if they were painted by the homeowner, you can now see the wood starting to expand in that area. This isn't good.

At the right side of the picture in the middle, you will see a round protrusion on the side of the brown cabinet. If you look at the bottom, you will notice the same problem, except that there is now a horizontal crack forming from the moisture.

Home Repair Tip: Replacing the kitchen cabinets, is going to be quite an undertaking. If the cabinets are severely damaged, the repairs could be costly, I would then recommend removing and replacing them.

Common Sense Home Repair Advice: Whatever you do, don't install new paneling to cover up the moisture damaged interior. I run into this, quite a bit on my home repair adventures. Let me paint you a picture of what actually happens, after someone has done this.

The damp wood that is now covered up, has a problem drying out. This leads to mold and wood rot. You're probably thinking, who cares, because you can't see it anyway. That's not necessarily true, because eventually the moisture damage, could damage your replacement panel, making it visible.