Cardboard Box Stain In Closet

Cardboard box stains in your closet can be cleaned with a little soap and water, sometimes. Usually these areas will need to be cleaned and repainted.

Home Repair Tip: Keep boxes away from your walls. And never put it in moist or wet cardboard box in your closet. Closets are usually dark and have no circulation if the the doors are closed. This is the ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew's.

Closet stains on the side of your closet walls are usually from placing items inside of your closet and of course removing them. Usually these items are clothes that are hanging up in the closet and being used regularly. After a while, you will notice that paint starting to discolor. The more these areas are used, the heavier the staining will become over time.

Sometimes people use portable shelving for storage in their closets and over time, if these shelves aren't secured somehow, they can rub up against the closet walls, and you could start to see staining with wall damage.

The biggest problem with portable shelving is that you usually don't notice the damage until you remove the shelving from the closet.

Home Tip: Your hands arms and other body parts usually have a thin layer of oil on them. Over time, as you are removing and replacing your clothing, your arms can brush up against the walls, leaving a stain on them from the oils on your body.

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