Carpet Damage From Cat

It's not uncommon to find damaged carpeting in older homes. Trying to figure out what caused the damage can sometimes become a nightmare, especially if it continues. This damage to the stair riser carpeting was caused from a cat clawing at it on a regular basis.

Cats often like to scratch things like, wood, furniture, fences, and of course carpeting to sharpen their claws, so I've been told.

Here's Some Information about Cats Scratching.

Cat scratch for a couple of reasons, one is to mark their territory and establish their domain. Cats also scratch to provide a personal touch to their home, their version of decorating.

Cats also scratch to strengthen their muscles by pulling and scratching at objects. This is a good way for cats to get some daily exercise.
Home Repair Solution: You could provide your cat with a scratching post. Once these carpeted posts are destroyed, you can simply purchase another one and repeat the process as long as possible. This could be a simple solution to a costly home repair.

Well there's another myth disproved, cats obviously don't scratch things to sharpen their claws. However cats paws have a scent gland that provides them with another way of marking their territory, and sending an additional warning to other cats.