Temporary Ceiling Repair

This ceiling damage is being kept in place with some duct tape and a scrap piece of drywall. Why do you need to temporarily repair the ceiling?

How would you like to be walking underneath this area when a large chunk of the drywall and possible framing damage came tumbling down on your head. The tape might not be the best way to confine the damage ceiling, but it's a start.

Make sure that you move any of your possessions, furniture and so on, from underneath this area to prevent further damage to items in the home. It wouldn't be a bad idea to place some scrap pieces of plywood underneath this ceiling damage, just in case it was to collapse.

Home Repair Tip: Whenever there's damage to your ceiling, walls or any part of your home, try to put a temporary Band-Aid on it until the home repair can be fixed properly. It would be better to use a scrap piece of plywood than the scrap piece of drywall. The drywall doesn't have as much strength as a piece of wood does.