Ceramic Tile Shower Pan Damage

This shower pan damage is from movement in the building or improper installation. This movement can be caused from expansion and contraction, earthquakes, structural failure and poor soil conditions.

This shower is located on the second floor and has allowed water to seep through the cracks in the corner of the shower pan and damaged the ceiling below it. Sometimes when we have one problem with our home, another one is created.

Someone has tried to caulk the corners where the cracks have become larger and are missing some of the grout. This is a temporary fix but as the grout shrinks or separates from the tiles it will leave gaps for water to enter and eventually start to damage something in your home.

Home Repair Tip: This shower pan should be removed, repaired and replaced correctly. Over time most caulking repairs or re-grounding of the shower will fail.

The problem isn't visible in a situation like this, it's the shower pan liner or shower pan waterproofing system that needs to be repaired and replaced.