Cut Electrical Wire

Electrical problem should be handled by a professional. Electricity can be hazardous to your health and when working in tight areas like crawl spaces, they could become dangerous.

Could you imagine getting electrocuted and passing out in the crawl space area, working by yourself.

What about having someone drag you out of the crawl space while you were unconscious. I hope you're getting the message right now, don't mess around with electricity.

It's not uncommon to find damaged electrical wires, but it is uncommon to find them that were cut for some reason and left hanging. Do not touch these wires, they could be live or have electricity running through them.

If you're curious, you can always follow the electrical wires to see where they lead to. If you follow one side of the cut wire and find out it was cut in another area, that section of electrical wiring could probably be removed safely.

I would advise you to hire an electrician to deal with all your electrical problems, especially if you have no idea about electricity. Damaged electrical wires that are laying on the ground could become a problem if water was to accumulate in the area where the damaged electrical wires were laying.