Damaged Plastic Vapor Barrier

Installing a plastic vapor barrier on top of the soil underneath the crawl space can provide you with problems, especially if there is a lot of moisture in this area. I am not a big fan of installing the plastic, because of condensation turning into water that will puddle on top of the plastic membrane.

It's hard to tell how the plastic got damaged but if I had to guess, it could be from someone working in the crawl space area.

In a situation like this, the plastic can easily be removed and the soil flattened out. After leveling or flattening out the soil, the plastic can be easily replaced.

One of the biggest problems when repairing something like this and not knowing what caused the actual damage, this could lead to future damage. Try to find out what caused the plastic to get displaced and eventually damaged in the first place.

It never has made a lot of sense to me, to replace or repair something and not knowing what actually caused the damage. If you can't figure out what caused the original damage, replace the plastic if desired and then every couple of months, inspect the crawlspace for problems.

You should always inspect your home's crawlspace on a regular basis, once every six months would be the bare minimum, preferably once every two months.