Damaged Vent Screen

This damaged screen could have been avoided by simply cutting a small hole out of the screening for the pipe to go through. Leaving these large holes open leave plenty of room for rodents and large insects to enter your crawlspace.

This home repair is not difficult to fix and could be done by your average homeowner or handyman.

Simply cut the screening to fit around the pipe, using a pair of metal cutters, you can use wire cutters for a simple project like this, also. And then reattach the screening to the concrete wall. You can go down to your local home improvement store for some screws that will attach the screen to the concrete block.

This vent has already been replaced once. If you look at the perimeter of the vent, you will notice the stucco has been replaced and is damaged again. Even if the vent screen was replaced, the building will continue to suffer from the original home repair.

The metal that was installed up against the building, to separate the concrete from the stucco is adding to the problem, instead of helping. When it rains and the water rolls down the side of the building and will start to collect in between the stucco and the metal.

This could turn into a major home repair if not fixed soon.