Insulation Damage - Crawlspace

Is not uncommon to find insulation on your crawlspace floor. His problem is usually caused from excessive moisture and of course the biggest problem poor installation.

This insulation has a paper backing and was stapled to the floor joist, it was only a matter of time before the moisture caused the paper to become damp and tear away from the staples holding it up.

This home repair can be corrected by running a galvanized wire perpendicular to the floor joist. The wire should be spaced, no more than 8 inches on center but preferably 4 to 6 inches. You will need to check the damaged insulation for mold or mildew before replacing it.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to check as much of the floor insulation as possible, for mold.

Whenever you run into this much insulation damage in the crawl space, there's usually a lot of moisture in this area. This insulation will need to be removed, then make sure that the floor joist and wood framing are dry and mold free, before the new insulation can be replaced.