Moisture Barrier On Crawlspace Floor

Moisture barriers on top of the soil located in your crawlspace areas are starting to become popular in cold and wet climates.

Usually someone will flatten out the crawlspace soil and slope it towards an area where a sump pump or building drain can be located, this drain or pump will remove any moisture that accumulates on top of the plastic vapor barrier.

I am not 100% in agreement with this method but I don't live in these climates either.

If you're home is suffering from moisture in your crawlspace area, contact a local contractor in your area for his opinion and more information.

Home Repair Tip: Try to keep this in mind, the construction industry is constantly coming out with new and improved ways to build or repair homes. Some of these methods do more damage to the home over time than it would have if left alone.

Only time will tell, whether or not it is beneficial to use these moisture barriers.