Moisture On Vapor Barrier

This moisture barrier was placed on top of the soil underneath the house flooring in the crawlspace area. The vapor barrier is made from plastic and appears to be wrinkled and wasn't installed very good. The crawlspace soil area or flooring should have been smoothed down and flattened, and then the plastic vapor barrier could have been installed properly.

If you look towards the center of the wet spot on top of the plastic, you will notice that there is an orange and brown stain forming. This tells me that there's metal rusting somewhere and water dripping from it, on to the plastic. There's a good chance that the water on top of the plastic vapor barrier is coming from a damaged or leaking water pipe.

There shouldn't be any moisture on top of the plastic that is separating your crawlspace area from the soil underneath it. These plastic vapor barriers are designed to keep moisture in the soil and out of your crawlspace area.

Homeowner Repair Tip: It's not a bad idea to install a vapor barrier in between the damp soil and the floor of your home. However, it should slope towards a drain or sump pump. This would provide you with a way to get rid of excess of moisture as it accumulates on top of the plastic.