Poor Girder To Post Connection

This method of building homes has been around for years and relatively works okay. However, if you live in earthquake country, your home could easily be thrown off of the foundation and severely damaged.

I have worked on plenty of homes in Southern California with a similar situation as the one above and these homes haven't suffered any damage. There are better ways to make this connection and I would recommend them if you are building a new home or adding on to an existing one.

The biggest problem with this post to girder connection is during an earthquake that has a rolling effect. The house can actually be raised off of the foundation and piers. This could cause the loose blocks underneath the girder beam to become dislocated.

Now as the house is thrown back down during the earthquake, the floor or framing of the home could become damaged. This wouldn't have happened if the girder to post connection was securely fastened together with a good metal connector.