Deck Framing Wood Damage

This deck framing wood damage is pretty bad. This isn't going to be your normal situation, unless you live near a river, pond, lake or area where there's plenty of moisture. As you can see there are plenty of trees which provide shade on this side of the house, adding to the wood damage.

Wood decks that are constructed in moist shady areas usually won't last that long. There are plenty of new decking products on the market today, made from composite materials that hold up pretty good in situations like this but, there always has to be a but doesn't there.

The deck framing or structural components that hold up the decking are usually made from wood and wood rots when wet. I have only seen a few composite building products that can be used in replacement of wood or metal as structural framing components. Don't forget metal will rust and deteriorate in moist, shady areas.

Home Repair Tip: Contractors, architects and of course homeowners often get confused when purchasing treated lumber for deck framing materials, thinking that they will hold up under these extreme conditions. These materials could last longer than untreated construction standard materials, when used properly. I emphasize the word could, in moist, damp and dark areas, treated building materials won't last very long.

I have not seen any wood yet, treated or not that can sit directly in or on top of wet soils, without suffering from wood rot.