Second Story Deck Water Damage Problems

If you look at the picture above, any water that's rolling off of the upper deck can easily work its way down, following the path of the black arrows, on to the top of the 2 x 6 post cap.

Once water starts to accumulate for long periods of time, it will start to work its way into the smallest gaps or cracks, eventually creating water damage problems for your these areas of your wood deck.

Home Repair Tip: If you notice the lowest black arrow is pointing to the biggest water damage problem area. All horizontal areas like these need to be protected and maintained regularly by caulking any cracks or gap's and then painting.

The black arrows are showing you how the water flows off of the upper decking, down the sides of the wood beams, eventually settling on top of another potential water damaged area.

The green arrows are pointing to small cracks which could be potential water damage problem areas and these areas should be caulked and then painted as part of your annual home maintenance.