Door Fill In With Damage

In the picture above, someone removed the back door to the house, installed a new window and filled the bottom portion of the old doorway in. The new window and new siding, looks like a pretty good remodel and blended in with the rest of the house.

How Can I Tell, That This Used to Be a Doorway and Someone Installed a New Window and Filled in the Rest of the Doorway?

If you look at the bottom of the doorway, you will notice the old wood door threshold. Next, you can see the existing siding trim that forms the outline of the door, next to the siding. After that, if you can look at the rest of the windows around the home, you will notice they aren't constructed the same way.

Usually on homes with siding, the doors and windows will be trimmed out the same.

How Did the Bottom of the Doorway, above the Threshold Become Damaged?

Poor maintenance and remodeling, led to the eventual damage. If the door, wood trim and wood threshold would have been sealed and painted properly, this could have prevented the damage. However, the wood door threshold, should have been eliminated, so that water wouldn't accumulate on it.

If the door threshold, would have been removed, there's a good chance, that the bottom of the old door wouldn't have been damaged. By the way, they reused the old door, underneath the window. An old remodeling trick from the pros.

Home Repair Tip : Any protrusion around the house, like a door threshold, planter box, shelf or window sill, can collect moisture and over time, this could lead you to your next home repair project. Whenever you run into a problem, it's normally due to poor construction.