Drywall Termite Damage

Drywall termite damage isn't something that you're going to see it every day, especially if you don't remove your drywall. Rarely do you see the damage on the exposed side of the drywall, that's facing your room.

Normally this damage will be on the opposite side and will usually run along the drywall, where the drywall attaches to a wood 2 x 4. The most common wall area, for drywall termite damage will actually be at the bottom or the bottom soleplate framing area of the wall.

Most termite damage will happen in the lower areas of your home, this is where water will accumulate and termites love moisture, especially if there is water pipe leaking. First some reason, water always seems to work its way down and end up settling at the bottom of these walls.

This picture actually represents, termite damage at the base framing plate of a wall that was removed and repaired.

There have been a lot of people, contractors, homeowners, builders and real estate professionals, that tell me termites won't eat redwood, cedar or even treated lumber. When I asked them, do they think that termites would eat regular wallboard or drywall? I usually get the same response and that is," No."

Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, there is the proof.