Electrical Outlet Light Fixture

One of the worst things that an electrician or home builder can do is not to install electrical outlets in basements, garages and other areas where people might need them.

Most electrical outlets use larger wires than those used for lighting. Most building codes require 12 gauge electrical wire for electrical outlets and 14 gauge electrical wire for lighting. (It's kind of confusing, but the larger the gauge of wire, the smaller it actually is.)

There is a reason for this. Most electrical items like power tools and kitchen appliances, used more electrical power than an ordinary light bulb does.

With that said, could you imagine using an electrical outlet light fixture like the one shown in the picture above to operate an air compressor and a couple of power tools in a garage that doesn't have any electrical outlets.

I'm not suggesting that it won't work for a while, but there is a good chance that eventually you will burn one of the electrical cords, power tools or even the electrical outlet light fixture itself.

Home Repair Tip: I don't know why they sell items like electrical outlet light fixtures, but they do and have been selling them for a long time.

Don't forget that you should always read the manufacturers installation and usage instructions, before using anything.

If it's possible, hire an electrician to install a new electrical outlet, so that you can avoid using electrical outlet light fixture items like the one in the picture above. Electrical safety usually starts with a lot of common sense.