New Outlet On Electrical Damaged Wall

Whenever you see something like this, you know that there has been a problem with the electrical system. If you're purchasing a home and you notice electrical wall damage, make sure that you find out from the previous homeowners, what actually happened and who made the repairs.

If the repairs were made by the homeowner, make sure that your home inspector gives the damaged electrical outlet a thumbs up, before negotiating or purchasing the house.

If you're living in a home where an electrical outlet caught on fire, make sure that you understand the root cause of this event.

If you're simply going to remove and replace the electrical outlet without understanding what caused the damage, there's a good chance that you will be replacing it again in the future.

Home Repair Tip: Most electrical outlet damage is caused by poor installation of the outlet itself or electrical usage overloads.

Any loose connections between the electrical outlets and the electrical wires can create sparks as the outlet and wires move. This will usually happened when someone is plugging something into the electrical outlet or removing it. These re-occurring sparks can easily damage any electrical outlet over time

The number one cause for electrical outlet damage is overloading the electrical outlet. If you have too many electrical items like power tools that draw a lot of electrical amperage from the service panel, plugged into one outlet, you can expect it to become damaged in the future.