Rusted Electrical Box - Exterior

There is a very good chance that this rusted electrical box is from poor maintenance. Over time, metal will rust and when someone paints over the rust, without removing it properly, it simply put a layer or thin coating over the rust.

Guess what, the metal is still going to rust as moisture works its way through the paint or any unpainted areas.

This electrical box should be removed and replaced. It's low enough to entice a young child to open easily and this could lead them to further exploration of the electrical box interior, resulting in the possibility of getting shocked by electricity.

Home Repair Tip: Make sure that the rust or damage to the electrical box wasn't caused from electrolysis. Electrolysis occurs when two different metals are used that are not compatible with one another. Here's an example of corrosive metal conduit.

Home repairs like this are a definite safety hazard in more ways than one. Repair or replace safety hazards like these as soon as possible.