Wood Fence Damage

This wood fence damage was caused from poor construction. With one strong one, this fence easily blew over. If you look at the post hole footing that popped out of the ground, you will notice that there is only one of them and none are located towards the front of the fence.

There should have been a post with a footing, every 8 feet. As you can see, the poor construction of this fence led to the failure. The sad thing is, it's a new fence.

Home Repair Tip: I'd like to dig my post hole footings at least 24 inches into the ground. If the soil is hard to dig, then I might might use an 18 inch footing. The post hole footing should be at least 10 inches in diameter and the soil conditions could affect your post hole size.

If the soil is loose and sandy, you you might need a larger post hole. If the soil is hard clay, you could actually go with a smaller post hole and in some cases, no cement would be required if the ground is hard enough.

After the wood posts are installed and the concrete is dry, simply wiggle the wood post and it is easy to move, you could have a problem with your fence falling over eventually.