Floor Baseboard Drywall Problems

Have you ever seen wavy floor trim like this before? It's often easy to spot, especially when it's as bad as this.

It's all because the framing carpenter didn't take the time to straighten the bottom of this wall out, maybe. It's pretty close to the corner and could have been caused by the drywall finisher.

The carpenter could have done his job properly but the drywaller didn't do his job right.Never assume anything in the construction business, I have been wrong to many times.

I would suggest that you go around the house and examine some of the other baseboard. If most of the baseboard is wavy, it could be the carpenter's fault.

If there are only a few selected areas like the one in the picture above, it could be from something else.

In the picture above, it could actually be a combination of both. You could fix this by removing the floor trim and re-plastering the wall until it met your satisfaction. Then reapplying the floor trim.