Carpet Damaged At Threshold

Whenever we see carpet damaged at the door threshold, we can assume that someone pulled the carpeting up at one time. Remember that I'm using the word assume here, this damage could be caused from something else.

You can clearly see a brown wire at the bottom corner of the door running underneath the carpeting. This is our next clue that someone pulled the carpeting up around the edges to run some sort of wiring underneath the carpet.

Once the carpet is pulled up, it needs to be reattached to the tack strip. This is where the problem starts to get a little bit bigger. Most people do not know how to reattached the carpeting and do not have the proper equipment to complete this task.

If the carpeting isn't put back properly, it will usually lift up around the edges and start to pull away from the wall as the carpet contracts. The edges can fray from people vacuuming and walking over them in time. This damage can only be repaired by a professional.