Shoe Molding - Flooring Parts

Here's some Oak Shoe Molding.

Here is a Piece of Shoe Molding
Shoe molding is used as a decorative trim that usually attaches to the wall or larger pieces of floor trim. It comes in different shapes, sizes and types of wood.

You can usually get what ever type of wood shoe molding that you need, to match your wood floor or other types of flooring.

Home Repair Tip: If you're planning on installing floor shoe molding, it wouldn't be a bad idea to apply in the paint or stain, before installing it.

The decision here is easy to make. If you're going to have a problem painting or staining it after it's installed, it wouldn't be a bad idea to paint it or stain it first and then install it.

Remember this home repair tip, when installing other types of wood trim that are going to create painting difficulties after their installed.