Water Damaged Wood Floor

Can you believe the water damaged wood floor in the picture above. This damage was caused by a plumbing water leak and is in a brand-new home. I couldn't believe it when I seen the damage but I have seen this kind of water damage before and I was the culprit.

I was living in an older home with carpeting throughout the bedrooms, when our king-size waterbed started to leak and I wasn't home, this was before cell phones. By the time I arrived, the wood flooring that was underneath the carpeting was buckling. I had never ran into a situation like this before and was trying to figure out why the carpeting was raised about 3 inches off the floor in certain areas of the bedroom.

I removed the carpeting from the bedroom and proceeded to cut the damaged wood flooring out and replace it with 3/4" plywood. After that I reassembled the carpeting and we had our bedroom back. Another lesson learned on my long road to happiness.

It's hard to imagine a brand-new home, with this kind of damage but it happens every once in a while. The plumber didn't connect one of the drains properly and it was going to cost some one and a lot of money.

Wood Floor Repair Tip- Remove the damaged flooring and do not replace until the flooring is completely dry. Make sure that the new wood flooring is sitting somewhere in the house to acclimate. Before the wood flooring can be installed, it should be in the home for at least one to two weeks, stacked up in a safe location.