Hole Drilled Through Footing

Any holes that have been drilled through the concrete footing can weaken the foundation. However, a hole like this is not going to create a problem, that should concern most homeowners.

This hole was probably drilled from the inside of the home to allow access from the outside of the house, for a telephone, electrical or cable wire.

Larger holes that are drilled through your concrete footing could become structural issues, whether or not they are directly under a load bearing structural post. The size of the hole and its location could create problems.

For example, someone has drilled a 3 inch hole through a six-inch wide stem wall footing, to allow for a new plumbing pipe that will be used for a bathroom remodel.

The footing is holding up a 2 x 4 load bearing wall for a single story home. The 2 x 4 wall is supporting the ceiling joist and the roof rafters, only. There is a good chance that the 3 inch hole will not create a structural problem.

This is just an example however, and I would suggest contacting a structural engineer before drilling any holes, through any footings, for your homes safety.

Home Repair Tip: Simply clean the hole the best you can, using a round bristle brush and then fill the hole with a concrete epoxy or any type of concrete repair product. Holes like this can allow moisture and small pests to enter your home and should be filled as soon as possible.