45 Degree Door Header

Have you ever wondered how to build a doorway in a wall with an angle. Here is one method of building a 45° door header in a wall. As you can see, the door header has one 45° cut on each end of the door header, allowing for easy construction.

There are different ways to frame doors in angled walls. I will try to gather up a collection of them for you and post them on this page.

Home Building Tip: When laying out and framing a wall with a door in it, make your rough opening 2 inches larger than the door width.

An example of this would be, the door your going to be installing is a 2-6 or 30 inch wide door. The doorway rough framed opening will be 32 inches in width.

This allows for a 3/4" door jamb on each side and gives you a little room to adjust the door and doorjamb during installation.

If possible, before you build or frame your new wall, measure the height and width of the door that you're going to use. This will provide you with the exact measurements, just in case the doorway is smaller or larger than your standard door.

You should framed the rough opening for the doorway at the least a quarter inch larger but preferably a half-inch larger in width and height than the overall measurement of your new door and doorjamb.