Hole In Roof And Roofing

Here's a nice hole in the roof and roofing. It's not really important to know how the hole got here, the main objective is to repair the roof. However, I would imagine that this hole was caused from a tree large branch.

If a large tree branch or the tree itself, fell over, on top of this roof, you could imagine the damage that would have been done. Always inspect the rest of the roof for additional damage.

Home Repair Tip: First thing you're going to need to do, is to remove at least 1 foot of roof shingles around the roof damage. Then you will need to repair the plywood roof sheeting and this can be done, by cutting and removing the damaged plywood, between the two roof rafters.

I would also install one block at the top and the bottom underneath the plywood edges that aren't supported. Connect these blocks to the roof rafters with nails or screws to provide additional support for your roof repair.

Then replace the roofing paper and roof shingles and you're done.

Here's some additional advice for large holes, like this in your roof. Repair them as soon as possible. Holes like this can also invite unwanted animals and other pests into your attic.

Here's the reason why I would advise you to repair your roof damage, as soon as possible, always. You call a local roofer and he's going to charge you $200 to repair the roof damage, you don't have the money right now so you choose to wait. While you're waiting, it starts to rain and you notice that the ceiling is damaged in your living room.

You're not really worried about the ceiling, because you realize you don't have the money to fix the roof. While you're away from your home, it starts to rain, but you're not worried, because there's nothing you can do about it anyway.

You come home and your house starts to smell musty, that's because your carpet is now soaking wet, from the roof leak, that's leaking through your ceiling. You get some towels and dry the carpet as good as you can, but after a few weeks, the musty smell is still there and it's annoying.

It's not only going to cost you $200 to repair the roof, now it's going to cost you more money to clean the carpet and repair the ceiling. Don't mess around with roof leaks, always repair them as soon as possible.