Subfloor Joist Reinforcing

Adding additional floor joist to the existing floor joist is often referred to as scabbing. The existing for joist are sagging and required additional structural supports to carry the load of this bearing wall.

Home Repair Tip: Sometimes architects, contractors and engineers use mathematical calculations to figure out what will work and what won't.

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Scabbing the new floor joist on to the existing ones can add additional weight to the foundation. This weight can be transferred to the footings and in poor slope conditions, you could end up with the same problem in a short period of time.

This is a bigger problem with your second floor framing. A floor that is already sagging because of poor construction, structural miscalculations or there's too much weight on the floor itself.

Maybe a large water bed or book cases filled with books, has caused the floor to sag, over time.

Now once we add an additional floor joist, we're adding additional weight to the floor. Additional weight will cause the floor to sag even more.

Sometimes to repair floor framing damage properly, you will need to replace the entire floor system. Often these problems will require strengthening the building foundation or footings, especially if they are damaged or sitting in poor soil.