Support Post For Valley Beam

Installing support posts like these for a valley beam, isn't a bad idea. The carpenter probably had some scrap lumber laying around and figured, what would it hurt to add some additional support to such an important structural roof framing component.

I would like to point something out though, if these posts are sitting on top of the floor sheathing and there isn't any floor joist directly underneath them, these post won't be doing much good.

Here's what's happening right now, these posts are simply cosmetic and might make the homeowner feel better, but are providing very little support for the roof.

Let's say for example that this roof valley was holding large amounts of snow and ice and the weight of the roof was being transferred to these valley support posts. The weight would be directly transferred to the plywood sheeting.

Any additional weight on these support posts would only cause the plywood to bow or sag and could eventually push the post through the flooring.

Home Repair Tip: The carpenters should have laid one of the scrap pieces of 4 x 6 on top of the wood flooring, so that it would lay over a couple of the floor joist. Then you could have installed a valley support post on top of the 4 x 6.

This would have transferred any load on the roof valley support beam to the 4 x 6 that would be then transfer the additional weight to the floor joists, instead of concentrating all of the weight on the plywood floor sheeting.

I see things like this all the time and I'm sure that they make sense to a lot of construction workers, but have little value to a structural engineer.