Wave and Flood Home Damage

This house was damaged from hurricane like conditions that caused large waves to pound for hours on this home. I have never seen anything like this, the siding and the drywall is completely gone. The roof seems to be intact but suffers from ceiling damage.

In the video, the homeowner comments on the waves actually causing damage to the ceiling.

Working in the construction business for over 30 years, I have never seen anything like this. Most of the house framing is still intact and standing, even though the drywall and siding is gone. This house should've been completely demolished from the weather, amazing.

The drywall and siding creates some structural strength and helps to hold the rest of the house together. This becomes a safety problem and the homeowner shouldn't be filming inside of the home. This house is dangerous to even be around.

The first thing any contractor or home repair specialist, should do in a case like this, would be to nail support braces to the wall framing. This will stabilize the house and allow people to start working around it. This should be left to an experienced professional.