Rusting Kitchen Stove Damage

Whenever you run into a situation where you have rusting kitchen stove damage and you can't get rid of the damage, it's time to replace the stove.

Rusting kitchen stove damage like you see in the picture above is only cosmetic. In other words, as long as the stove works okay and the rust stains don't bother you, you don't really need to replace it.

Eventually you will need to replace the stove, unless the damage is fixed and repaired correctly.

Home Repair Tip: You could treat the rusted stove damage with chemical rust remover and then use appliance paint to repaint your kitchen stove. Make sure that you read the paint instructions before applying paint to the stove parts that are damaged.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to read the appliance paint can or ask someone at the home improvement center for some advice, when selecting your paint. Make sure that the appliance paint your going to use can take the high temperatures, that will be produced while cooking.

If you buy the wrong paint, it will simply burn off, once you start to use your newly repaired and repainted stove.

Don't paint your appliances inside your house. Always paint in well ventilated areas and in areas where paint overspray won't damage other items like your house furniture. Trust me on this one, I've been there and it wasn't pleasant.