Worn Formica Counter Top

Worn Formica countertops like the one in the picture above usually suffer from wear and tear. If you notice, there is a lot of damage next to the sink and this could be from all sorts of different things.

Home Repair Tip: I would remove and replace the entire Formica countertop. I don't recommend repairing or installing a new countertop on top of the old one.

Don't forget about your options as far as kitchen countertops go. You can always install a different type of countertop. There are plenty of different countertops like tile, granite, decorative concrete and Corian available today. Your choices are unlimited.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to read the manufacturer's installation instructions and product warranties, before actually installing any types of new countertops in your kitchen.

If you're planning on installing Formica again and you're not allowed to put any hot pans directly on the surface, this would be something good to know, wouldn't it. Especially if you're not a multimillionaire and don't plan on replacing the countertop in the near future.

You should know how to properly take care of and maintaining your kitchen countertops, whatever types of building materials they are made out of.