Bathroom Double Sink S Trap

There is a lot of thought that goes into your home plumbing waste and drain system. Sometimes common sense might make sense to a homeowner or do-it-yourself home repair person, but won't make as much sense after you read the rest of this.

This is the right side of a bathroom with a double sink in it, that was installed incorrectly. The waste pipe from the sink on the left is draining into the unvented waste pipe on the right. Any time that the sink on the left is used, it can actually pull water out of the sink trap on the right, because it isn't vented correctly.

Once this happens, sewer gasses can seep into the bathroom, creating one of the worst smells you could possibly imagine. This is why building departments don't want to use S traps anymore. At one time this type of plumbing trap was acceptable, but it no longer is.

Home Repair Tip: This one isn't going to be easy to explain, but both of these sink waistlines should be connected to a vertical drain and vent pipe. This would probably require removing sections of drywall and completely rebuilding the bathroom sink plumbing waste system.

This type of bathroom waste pipe repair could be difficult for someone who doesn't understand how a plumbing waste system operates. If that's you, you could purchase some plumbing books from a local bookstore or check out some books on plumbing at your local library.

If neither one of them options sound interesting, you should contact a local plumbing contractor in your area to make the necessary repairs.