Cold Water Ground Problem

Take a look at this cold water ground problem in the picture above, because I see it everywhere. If you have a copper water pipe, make sure that you use a copper cold water ground for your connector.

In the picture above, you noticed that there's a galvanized cold water ground connector that should have been used for galvanized pipes, but instead it's hooked up to a copper water supply line.

It would also be a good idea to use solid copper wires instead of galvanized wires like the picture above, to prevent electrolysis or corrosion, if you're planning on using it to connect to a copper cold water ground connector.

Home Repair Tip : In other words, if you have a copper water pipe and you want to install a cold water electrical ground to it, you should use a copper cold water ground connector with a solid copper wire to make the connection between the electrical panel and the cold water supply pipe.

If you have galvanized water pipes and copper electrical wires, you have the same problem. They do make dielectric connectors and you can usually find them at electrical supply stores.

When asking so-called experts at home improvement centers for advice on electrical problems like these, be advised, that they might not know what you're talking about.