Concrete Damage Drain Pipe Repair

These are things that you need to look for whenever you're shopping for a home. If you come across to house that's missing any concrete, you need to find out why it's missing.

This concrete damage was obviously done on purpose, so that they could repair the plumbing problem. Often plumbers will fix plumbing problems, but won't fix the damaged concrete.

This particular home has about 100 feet of drain pipes without any clean outs. Clean outs provide plumbers easy access so that they can run their drain cleaning equipment through them properly.

The plumber obviously had a problem cleaning the drains or needed to clean them regularly, so they installed a clean out to make their job a little easier and future drain cleaning prices a little cheaper for the homeowner.

Home Repair Tip: If you're comfortable with the plumbing repairs, you can remove at least 4 inches of dirt from the top of the concrete, to make a 4 inch thick concrete sidewalk and then pour new concrete to make the necessary home repair.

Make sure that you wrap foam or cardboard around the plastic drainpipe to protect it from the concrete.